Edakkazhiyoor is a fast-growing village, situated in the beautiful cultural city of Thrissur in the State of Kerala,. The name of Edakkazhiyoor originated from Edakk-Azhi-oor

Edakkazhiyoor  is generally a coastal area. For drinking pure water available, Some areas is water purposes Panchayath has water supply systems such as pipe lines, wells, borewells, ponds etc. Almost whole of the edakkazhiyoor is provided with electric power and some of the streets have street lights. Drainage works for the flow of waste water is yet to be completed.

Edakkazhiyoor has Super Markets, Upcoming Shopping  Complexes at the main centres. There are sufficient Ration shops and Public Distribution Centres in the Panchayath area. Kalyana Mandapam, In private sector, Arts & Sports Clubs, it was very useful to the public. Main Festivals in edakkazhiyoor are-: Panchavadi Pooram, Edakkazhiyoor Chandanakkudam Nercha, also some other cherupoorams including in this place.


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